Imposing GST on anything on a PCB or with a wire…


The Pakistani government, in its infinite wisdowm imposed a 15% GST tax recently on every computer hardware component being shipped into this country as of July 1st 2006. But the PTA did ask PTCL to reduce the bandwidth rates. Not bad eh, bandwidth costs (which in Pakistan are the highest in Asia, effectively blocking a .com revolution) might come down but we’ll pay the difference and more because of our new 15% tax. But then I guess someone in Islamabad is really keen to keep the computer out of reach of the common man.Not that thats been a difficult task….

and why am I on wordperss and not Blogger? Our Pakistani government blocked (censored) blogger and a few months ago. So basically, no one in Pakistan can read a blog published on Blogger, or so they thought.
To access Blogger, use , basically its a neat service that lets you surf without leaving your bread crumb trail of an IP address.

so…ha! there! (i guess now they will try to block
For all the government’s talk about IT being this country’s savior, there is no action, in fact negative action to support it and no significant demand creation locally so far. All talk and no action, nothing new there.


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